The GENESIS Centre

The GENESIS Centre

GENESIS is an interactive video-conferencing classroom network connecting U of N locations.  The purpose of the GENESIS Centre is to make quality training accessible to many more students and to facilitate the global growth of the U of N. The Centre also serves to integrate upcoming communication technologies with training. The GENESIS acronym means Global Electronic Network Educating, Serving and Inspiring Students.

The GENESIS Centre influences the following areas:

a. Networking: electronic connections with U of N Colleges, Centres, and individual schools, the  YWAM family of ministries, and other organizations and businesses for specific projects and events;

b. Consulting:
gathering  information and providing understanding of how new communication technologies can best serve training within the framework of the U of N values;

c. Training: describing the GENESIS concept through seminars, the GENESIS School and its Field Assignment;

d. Program development: making the best teaching available to students in all nations and connecting them in worship, prayer and fellowship. Teachers from the developing world have an opportunity to extend the influence of their ministry, and teaching content. The development of teaching content and resource material will be encouraged, especially within the subject of discipling nations; and

e. Technical: providing technical support for the setup and maintenance of the GENESIS equipment, researching, exploring and testing new technologies and their potential for serving the GENESIS concept.