GENESIS Web Seminar

The GENESIS Web Seminar

New locations continue to come online in the GENESIS Network. A Web based Seminar is a unique way to get immersed in a proper understanding of GENESIS and lay a foundation for deep impact and multiplication.

Who is the Web Seminar for?

The Web Seminar has been developed to equip GENESIS Coordinators, UofN School leaders and staff in understanding the essence of GENESIS and how it is best integrated at a location. Ideally the Web based seminar is complemented by the in-person GENESIS Seminar, which helps reinforce the learning. The Web Seminar allows the participants to learn and progress at their own pace, ideal in a situation with existing ministry involvement. Through video and audio teachings, coupled with assignments and practical application, ample opportunity is given for the participants to grow.

Web Seminar Content

  • Vision, Concept and History of GENESIS
  • Educational Principles
  • Cultures and Communication
  • The Role of A GENESIS Coordinator
  • Classroom Set-up
  • Video Production Basics
  • Video Conferencing Systems
  • IP Connectivity
  • Leadership and pioneering
  • Organizing and Leading events
  • Team Work

Please contact us for information about how to get started.