Genesis School

The GENESIS School

Is for those who have a desire to impact nations in new ways with today’s technology.  It’s for people who have a passion for the nations and who want to learn how Biblical truth can fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.  It’s also for people who desire to grow in leadership and Christ-like character.

You will be equipped through this school to impact nations by linking classrooms using video-conferencing and other emerging technologies.  It focuses on leadership development, and understanding God’s heart for the nations. Your skills will be developed through communications workshops, presentations, and other activities. The goal will be for you to grow more into the person God created you to be. Opportunities occur during this time to step out and realize your gifts as you join together with others in unity around the world.  Your personal development during this time will be the foundation for you to do new things in new ways.  Join us to reach and encourage God’s people in the nations by linking them together through the latest technologies.

Course Content

  • Genesis concept and vision
  • Leadership
  • Pioneering principles
  • Trans-cultural communication
  • New technologies- videoconferencing, web development, multimedia applications
  • Educational principles
  • God’s ways in communications

Lecture Phase

The 12 week lecture phase will include many activities for you to learn and grow.  Course content will be given by international teachers through classroom lectures.

You will learn how to use the latest technologies through small group workshops.  Character development and the application of truth will be emphasized throughout this time, and there will be opportunities to apply your learning through community life, work duties, small group discussions, assignments, book reports, and social times.

Field Assignment

The field assignment offers an opportunity to pioneer GENESIS in a cross-cultural situation and integrate the concept into the life of a ministry.  It leads you through all the stages of pioneering including intercession, sharing the vision and concept, acquiring equipment, practical installation, organizing events, leading weeks of teaching in schools, as well as training others.  Field assignments will be determined during the lecture phase of the school, and you will be coached by experienced staff and supported in your learning during this time.


Successful completion of the Dts or Cdts (including the outreach phase).