Getting Equipped

GENESIS offers training that will help equip the local coordinator, school leaders, staff and others with understanding and tools to set up and integrate GENESIS with schools, ministry expressions, and so forth. The GENESIS Centre is continually evaluating the training offered, in order to provide the most relevant and impacting content and identify the most appropriate ways of learning.

The GENESIS School is an opportunity to be bonded into the life of GENESIS through growth and experience in areas such as leadership development, character growth, skill development and exposure to many of the streams of life in YWAM.  New initiatives that help bring unity and impact nations come out of the school, where there is great potential to see new ministry launched.

The GENESIS Seminar offers hands on workshop style sessions, where participants are equipped to bring locations online and serving local integration to see multiplication of vision and ministry. The seminar requires high attention and readiness for maximum benefit.