How to Join

Getting Online

GENESIS is a ministry of Youth With a Mission and University of the Nations which gives definition to our primary scope of service.

Sustainability and ministry integration are critical components for a fruitful investment, and the aspects described below constitute four proven pillars that together set the stage for synergy and multiplication.


Understanding and commitment to the vision of GENESIS by leadership provides an umbrella covering for integration and continuity.


A responsible person with passion for the nations, discipleship and pioneering coupled with a heart to serve as a bridge builder and integrator is an ideal coordinator. The GENESIS School or Seminar is a requirement for this role.


To facilitate a real-time interactive learning environment we use standards-based videoconferencing technology that will serve a diverse range of events, such as classroom teaching, large conferences, leadership meetings, etc. Audio and video equipment, as well as suitable facilities are also an integral part of this.


A dedicated high-speed Internet connection provides the connectivity to the global network. High upload and download speed are necessary and a minimum bandwidth of 512kbps is recommended.

While development and integration can be straightforward, we also find when working with the uniqueness of a local ministry, a multitude of dependencies may occur. Our Global Development Team, spread around the world, is always prepared to help walk through the development process, and to aid in both local and global integration.

Currently we are [locations] locations around the globe.

Please contact us if you have further questions.