Bringing people together across the nations

Transformation will take place as biblical principles find their
way into all areas of society and as we individually live our
lives for the glory of the Creator.

The vision of GENESIS is to multiply Biblical teaching to
every nation and make it accessible to the upcoming generation where the need is the greatest.

Using video conferencing technology GENESIS is linking people from all continents in a global classroom with access to real time interactive learning sessions with the best teachers available. We would like to see 1000 Training Centres serving 100,000 students every year.

The University of the Nations courses equip young people for a
personal walk with God and to bring transformation to the areas
of business, entertainment, education, government, health care,
media, family and church. The more than 300 training centers, in
over 50 nations, linked together using video-conferencing
technology creating a global learning environment.

GENESIS is an interactive learning environment where the students
and teacher in one classroom are connected with students in
another location through a video-conferencing link. Typically,
the classrooms are in different nations and on different
continents.  As a result, the student’s learning experience
is greatly broadened.

For example, a teacher can instruct a class in Uganda, India
and Brazil at the same time, while the students can ask questions
and dialogue with one another, sharing the strengths of their own

GENESIS overcomes the boundaries and makes the best teachers
available to more students across the world even in remote
places. People who have difficulty traveling are able to share
their message with the rest of the world.