The Acronym


We believe that God wants us to reach and to teach all nations on the earth. GENESIS fulfills a part of Jesus’ command to teach all nations.


GENESIS currently uses video-conferencing technology to link people together, so they can see and hear one another as if they would be in the same room together. We will use any available technology to serve the vision of GENESIS.


All locations within the GENESIS network act as equal partners. Each location has full freedom to initiate links, as well as to receive from other partners within the network. It involves both a giving and receiving relationship.


The primary purpose of GENESIS is training and educating students. GENESIS links may occur for other purposes, as long as the primary purpose remains education.


We seek to follow Jesus’ example of servanthood by serving every ministry we connect with, using GENESIS to help fulfill the dreams and visions of other ministries. Our desire is to help expand vision and to see it become a reality for others.


As togetherness occurs through the ministry of GENESIS, we desire to see people inspired and mobilized. GENESIS seeks to inspire and encourage people to love God and the people of the nations more.


The focus of the GENESIS ministry, and its’ main audience, are learners – those who have a desire to learn and a desire to grow. The primary setting where GENESIS will be used will be classrooms where people live and learn and grow together.